The Sociology Department offers three courses, SOC 480, SOC 497 and SOC 498, that can meet the College requirement for Experiential Learning. Students may want to talk to the Sociology undergraduate academic advisor, to discuss the SOC 480 Advanced Research Methods in Sociology class, the SOC 498 Internship class, or the SOC 497 Supervised Individual Research class. Applications for the last two classes are here:  Forms | Department of Sociology | Michigan State University

Or, a student may want to explore the different options from the College of Social Science listed on this website:  College of Social Science Education Abroad and Experiential Learning

Finally, the University offers many different opportunities to Study Abroad.  Globalization of economies, political structures, and communication have made it critical for students to understand the complex problems that confront contemporary societies. Students participating in international study gain concrete skills in intercultural communication, nation-specific knowledge, and an awareness of both self and others in the global context of the 21st century world.

For a full list of current Education Abroad programs, please go to:  University Education Abroad