Research Centers and Programs

Below are a list of research centers and programs affiliated with the Sociology Department:


Consortium for Sexual and Gender Minority Health

The Consortium for Sexual and Gender Minority Health, housed in the School of Social Work, includes a large group of social scientists across the College of Social Science who study SGM physical or mental health with a focus on minority stress, the life course perspective, and intersectionality, from a social ecological approach. 

MSU Sociology members include:

  • Dr. Carla Pfeffer
  • Dr. Ning Hsieh
  • Dr. stef shuster

For more information go to the Consortium website.


The Environmental Science and Policy Program focuses on building innovative graduate education programs, linking MSU research with national and global research priorities, and making MSU more connected and visible through national and global efforts. The program also includes:

For more information go to the ESPP website.

Julian Samora Research Institute

Julian Samora Research Institute (JSRI), is a research organziation that focuses on the Latino and Hispanic community in the areas of economic development, education, and families and neighborhoods. JSRI also offers: 

  • Database resource for Hispanics
  • Julian Samora Working Paper Series
  • Julian Samora Research Institute Occasional Paper Series
  • Institute Research Report Series
  • JSRI Endowment Scholarship

For more information, please visit the JSRI website.