MSU Sociology Call to Action

We are appalled at the recent wave of police brutality and police-involved killings of Black people across our country.  We know these are not a new occurrence.  We also know that the violence visited on Black and Brown people at the hands of police is but one form of a pervasive structural violence that threatens their economic livelihoods, social well-being, and physical and mental health.

We are heartened and invigorated by the power of organized protests against police brutality and systemic racism in our country.  We proclaim our solidarity with Black and Brown people who have long been fighting against institutional discrimination, violence, and oppression.  Yet, we know that words—however strong and profound—ring hollow without bold, ethical action.

As such, we direct our sociological lens to our own department, recognizing that we must be better leaders, mentors, teachers, colleagues, and allies to our Black and Brown faculty, staff, and students.  In the near future, we will display here those changes that we will make to our department’s culture, norms, policies, and practices.  We ask you to hold us accountable not for our words but for the impacts of our actions.


MSU Sociology Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students