Departmental Committee Rosters

Department Advisory Committee

Isabel Ayala
Soma Chaudhuri
Stephen Gasteyer
Ray Jussaume
Zhenmei Zhang
Sarah Prior
Inna Mirzonyan
Madison Hales

Undergraduate Education Committee
Dan Menchik, Chair
Jualynne Dodson
Eric Beasley
Stacy Smith
Regan Kania, Ex-Officio
Kitty Groeller

Graduate Education Committee
Steve Gold, Chair
Jennifer Carrera
Stephanie Nawyn (SS20 substitute: Jualynne Dodson)
stef shuster
Vanessa Rickenbrode

Speakers Committee
Linda Kalof, Chair
Tom Dietz
Amanda Flaim
Samantha Fox

Awards Committee
Tom Dietz, Chair
Sandy Marquart-Pyatt
Brendan Mullan (SS20 substitute: Monique Kelly)
Ben Marley

Research Symposium Committee
Xuefei Ren, Chair
Cliff Broman
Wynne Wright
Jodi Yelinek
Gerald Roman Nowak III

Graduate Personnel Evaluation Committee
Steve Gold, Chair
Ning Hsieh
Xuefei Ren
Sandy Marquart-Pyatt

Search Committee for Assistant Professor in Sociology
Cathy Liu, Chair
Zhenmei Zhang
Tom Dietz  (OIII/Affirmative Action advocate)
Leo Zulu (GEO representative)

Search Committee for Associate Professor in Sociology
Cathy Liu, Chair
Cliff Broman (OIII/Affirmative Action advocate)
Ning Hsieh
Deirdre Shires (SW representative)
Jae Puckett (PSY representative)

Sociology Representative for the Search Committee for Professor in Social Work
stef shuster

Graduate Student Representatives for Department Meetings: Ereisa Morales, Kristina Beetham

Sociology Collective: Nate Poirier, Lalaki Awudu, Kitty Groeller

Council of Graduate Students (COGS) Representative