Sociology Representatives on Committees and Councils

College Chairs and Directors: Aaron McCright (FS18-)
College Associate Chairs and Directors: Dan Menchik (FS19-SS20)
College Graduate Program Directors: Steve Gold (FS19-SS21)
College Faculty Advisory Council: Ray Jussaume (FS18-SS20)
College Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policies: Dan Menchik (FS19-SS20)
College Graduate Committee: Steve Gold (FS18-SS21)
College Committee on Research: Brendan Mullan (FS17-SS20) (SS20 substitute: TBA)
College Promotion, Tenure, and Reappointment Committee: Cliff Broman (FS18-SS20)
College Hearing Board: Isabel Ayala (FS19-SS20); Angelica Ruvalcaba (FS19-SS20)
Council of Graduate Students: TBA
University Council/Faculty Senate: Stephen Gasteyer (FS18-SS20)
University Committee on Faculty Affairs: Cathy Liu (FS19-SS21)