Wen-Hua Lai

Wen-Hua  Lai
  • Graduate Student
  • Department of Sociology
  • MS, Sociology, National Taiwan University, 2016


Wen-Hua Lai


Wenhua Lai is a PhD student in Sociology with a specialization in global urban studies. Her research interests lie in neoliberal ideology, mental health, health disparities and quantitative methods. Her research agenda centers on 1) the link between neoliberalism, socio-economic status and subjective well-being; 2) how these perceived social  deprivation is association with psychological well-being and mental health outcome; 3) and how those contributions to well-being disparities are different from a cross-national comparative perspective. Overall, she tends to explore the role of neoliberal ideology, and how subjective economic perceptions contribute to disparities in well-being and mental health outcomes from a comparative perspective. 

Her works involve qualitative methods and large secondary datasets. Her current research projects investigate the racial, ethnic, and geographical disparities when accessing portable water and complete plumbing is the US. As an intermediate R user, she is passionate about applying machine learning techniques to social science research and predicting health outcomes. 


  • Global Urban Studies Program