Ezgi Karaoglu

Ezgi  Karaoglu
  • Graduate Student
  • Sociology
  • MS, Social Psychology, Middle East Technical University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Ankara


Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Ezgi is a second year Ph.D. student in the Sociology Department. Before joining MSU, she was in the field and has worked with refugees in Turkey for UN Refugee Agency and a national NGO for 6 years, fulfilling various duties. Lastly, she worked as a manager of a community center, has been supervised the staff with distinctive professionals on case management of vulnerable cases as survivors of sexual and gender-based violence, victims of torture, LGBTI+ individuals, leading the operations and fostering a safe and productive environment. She earned a BA in Psychology at Koc University and an MS in Social Psychology at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She wrote an MS thesis on Attitudes toward Syrian Refugees in Turkey with regard the role of Social Dominance Orientation by examining the mediational role of perceived intergroup threat and empathy. Besides she has worked as creative drama trainer, facilitating workshops with diverse multilingual and multicultural groups on awareness of prejudicial thoughts, mitigating the negativity of prejudice and stereotyping by aiming learning through intergroup contact.

Coming from a practitioner background, her research in MSU focuses on articulation of rapidly changing political environment, political discourse and attitudes towards refugee networks in Turkey in relation with perceived social justice, equality, religiosity, political thought to develop applicable and transformative interventions that help NGOs and professionals in the field.


Ezgi Karaoğlu