MSU Sociology announces online courses for Summer 2023

December 13, 2022

Enroll today for online summer and earn your degree sooner!

1st summer session (May 15 to June 29)

SOC 100:730 Introduction to Sociology with Ezgi Karaoglu

SOC 214:730 Social Inequality with Tiffany Williams

SOC 216:730 Sex, Gender, & Sexuality with Lalaki Awudu

SOC 315:730 Family & Society with Inna Mirzoyan

SOC 475:730 Health & Society with Madeline Nash

ISS 310:735 People & Environment with Ben Marley


2nd summer session (July 5 to August 18)

SOC 100:731 Introduction to Sociology with Faith Saeerah

SOC 215:731 Race & Ethnicity with Hannah Pierson

SOC 252:731 Introduction to Environmental Sociology with Nate Poirier

SOC 316:731 Youth & Society with Kitty Groeller

SOC 350:731 Society & Mental Health with Jodi Yelinek