Sociology student nominated for Udall Scholarship

March 13, 2024

Kaylin Casper, a second-year double major in Sociology and English, is one of three Michigan State University students nominated for the prestigious Udall Undergraduate Scholarship.

Kaylin CasperSponsored by the Udall Foundation, the scholarship is designed to financially support students interested in Tribal policy, Native American health care, and environmental issues. The foundation anticipates nationally distributing around 55 scholarships in 2024.  

Kaylin was nominated by Associate Professor Sarah Prior, Undergraduate Program Director, who has taught Kaylin in three courses.

"Kaylin has been at the top of each class, demonstrating critical and nuanced thought and excellent oral and verbal communication skills," Prior wrote. "She is emphathic, justice-oriented and passionate. It has been an absolute pleasure having Kaylin in class."

Kaylin is active in the North American Indigenous Student Oganization and with the Land Acknowledgement Plaque community working to put a physical land plaque in People's Park on MSU's campus. Kaylin hopes to get a dual JD/PHD and be able to work on justice and advocacy issues.

"Kaylin embodies the goals of the Udall Scholarship. She has a record of sustained commitment to Tribal issues, she is a leader for NAISO and has advocated for indigenous student’s visibility, she is a committed member of her community, and she is an exceptional student," Prior wrote.

In addition to Kaylin, MSU has nominated the following students for this award, all of whom are enrolled in the Honors College:

  • Jerome Hamilton Jr., from Baltimore, Maryland, who is a third-year Political Science (Pre-Law) student in the College of Social Science. 
  • Meghana Karumuri, from Farmington Hills, Michigan, who is a third-year Microbiology major in Lyman Briggs College.  

The Distinguished Student Awards Office (formerly National/International Fellowships and Scholarships Office), administered by the Honors College, helps undergraduate and graduate students pursue major national and international opportunities by providing information and direct support throughout the competitive application processes.