Dr. Isabel Ayala publishes methods to deal with microaggressions

December 20, 2021

MSU Sociology Associate Professor Dr. Isabel Ayala has published research on Racial Microaggressions and Coping Mechanisms Among Latina/o College Students in Sociological Forum.

Dr. Ayala and MSU Sociology PhD alum Dr. Dana Chalupa Young outlined a series of mental strategies that subjects can use to deal with microaggressions, indirect or unintended remarks that are racist or otherwise offense. While subtle in nature, microaggressions can have serious consequences on a person's health such as an increased rate of anxiety, depression and heart disease. 

The article is available at https://doi.org/10.1111/socf.12785

Dr. Ayala is Director of the Chicano/Latino Studies Program and Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at Michigan State University. Ayala’s work calls attention to the intra-group diversity and capital of Latinx people by examining the relationship between their unique and complex racialization and sociodemographic experiences and behaviors. Moreover, adopting strength-based approaches, Ayala explores the role of Latinx identities in reconstructing structures, centering and highlighting agentive and resilient behaviors and cultures in the navigation of physical, symbolic, and social White spaces. Her humanistic and social justice commitment and her dedication to inclusivity shape her research, teaching, and leadership. Ayala is a 2020-21 Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program Fellow.

Dr. Chalupa Young is an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Mills College in California.