MSU Department of Sociology Statement of Solidarity on January 15, 2016

January 15, 2016

MSU Department of Sociology Statement of Solidarity on January 15, 2016

 Dear MSU Community,

 We, Faculty in the Department of Sociology, are in solidarity with students, faculty, and staff of color, immigrants, Jews, LGBTQ people, Muslims, people with lives of difference, the undocumented, women, people with disabilities, and all who support justice, inclusion, and equality.

 The discipline of Sociology has long examined and documented the varied forms of oppression, marginalization, and intimidation that many of you have experienced historically and in your everyday lives.  Even further, Sociology has rigorously investigated and highlighted the longer-term social forces, processes, and structures that shape these trends not only in the US but also around the world.

 As members of this community, we acknowledge the micro- and macro-aggressions you have experienced in your everyday lives and that seem increasingly prevalent in recent months.  We acknowledge the fear, frustration, anxiety, and despair that many of you experience.  Many of us share your concerns.  As public sociologists, our mission is to address such oppression, marginalization, and intimidation and recommend strategies for reducing, if not eliminating, them.  We are bound to this mission.

 We want you to know that we value you.  We recognize the contribution that your groups have made to US society.  We are fully committed to your success.

In solidarity,

Department of Sociology Faculty

Dr. Isabel Ayala

Dr. Clifford Broman

Dr. Lawrence Busch

Dr. Jennifer Carrera

Dr. Soma Chaudhuri

Dr. Jualynne E. Dodson

Dr. Thomas Dietz

Dr. Bernard Finifter

Dr. Jessica Garcia

Dr. Rita Gallin

Dr. Stephen Gasteyer

Dr. Craig Harris

Dr. Ning Hsieh

Dr. Nan Johnson

Dr. Raymond A. Jussaume Jr.











Sophia Koufopoulou

Dr. Hui Liu

Dr. Sandy Marquart-Pyatt

Dr. Rubén Martinez

Dr. Aaron M. McCright

Dr. Brendan Mullan

Dr. Stephanie Nawyn

Dr. Aaron Ponce

Dr. Carl S. Taylor

Dr. David Wiley

Dr. Logan Williams

Dr. Wynne Wright

Dr. Linda Kalof

Dr. Khalida Zaki

Dr. Zhenmei Zhang