Sociology alumna publishes book on financial therapy

December 16, 2019 - Karessa Weir

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin, Sociology Class of 2008, has published a book on financial therapy. Her book "The Financial Anxiety Solution" is the result of her research in financial therapy. 

"After graduation, I got my MSW and practiced as a mental health therapist. I found the issue of money arise and wanted to get additional training to further my knowledge of this and provide services in a way that wasn't simply about advocating for others," Lindsay said. "I found love working at the intersection of mental health and money, and am excited to be one of a handful of financial therapists in the United States."

The book is a "step-by-step workbook to stop worrying about money, take control of your finances and live a happier life." It is available for pre-order from Simon & Schuster at

You can also follow Lindsay on Instagram @mindmoneybalance and at her website