Nathan Poirier Dissertation Defense

Wed, April 19, 2023 2:00 PM at Zoom

Sociology and Animal Studies PhD candidate Nathan Poirier will present his dissertation.

"Analysis of Social Actors in the Space of In Vitro Meat and Alternative Animal Products"

Abstract: This dissertation empirically examines how multiple groups of social actors—activists, animal welfare scientists, and alternative animal product "industry" insiders—are reacting to and talking about emerging food items aimed at replacing traditional animal products, with a focus on in vitro meat. Each of the three papers in this dissertation focuses on one of these groups. Each also uses its own methodology that is unque and adapted to the type of data analyzed—content analysis, discourse analysis, and semi-structured interviews. The overarching goal is to assess what sorts of conversations are happening, by whom, and how these conversations might influence the emergence of alternative animal products and existing social structures. Taken together as a single study, this dissertation presents both the depth and breadth of the alternative animal product space. As used by stakeholders, basic arguments for and against alternative animal products will be analyzed in detail, as well as the wide array of components involved in this space and what types of questions stakeholders are asking and problems they are working to solve. 


Tom Dietz (chair)

Linda Kalof

Wynne Wright

Phil Howard (Community Sustainability)

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