PhD candidate Mark Suchyta earns Honorable Mention for Best Student Paper

July 11, 2022

Mark SuchytaMark Suchyta, PhD candidate in Sociology and Environmental Science and Policy, has received Honorable Mention for Best Student Paper by the Natural Resource Research Interest Group of the Rural Sociological Society.

Mark's scholarship and activism revolve around exploring the ways in which humans, non-human animals, and the biophysical environment can thrive together. He will defend his dissertation this summer, which focuses on how social and environmental factors contribute to how people perceive the quality of their lives.

He will then be joining the faculty at Butler University in Indianapolis this fall, where he will teach introductory sociology courses, as well as environmental sociology and a course on human-animal studies.

Mark currently serves as council member for the American Sociological Association’s section on Animals and Society. When he is not busy with his work, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his spouse and four rescued birds.

Mark invites you to connect with him on Linkedin, Twitter (@Markus_Market), or through email at