Summer 2021 Online Courses Now Available

April 7, 2021

MSU Sociology is happy to announce a full list of Summer 2021 Online Courses are now available.

Registration for all of these courses at



First Session (May 17 – July 1)


SOC 100:730: Introduction to Sociology Instructor: Ezgi Karaoglu

Investigate society through a scientific lens!  Gain knowledge & strengthen skills for answering important questions on such topics as the family, race, gender, the environment, migration, health, politics, & inequality.

Prepare to solve real-world social problems!


SOC 214:730: Social Inequality         Instructor: Vanessa Rickenbrode

Why has inequality increased so much in recent years?  Learn how sociologists measure inequality.  Examine scientific explanations of the major causes of inequality & how it manifests itself in things such as hunger, crime, & poor health.

Create just solutions to these problems!


SOC 215:730: Race & Ethnicity        Instructor: Angelica Ruvalcaba

What will result from America’s current reckoning with structural racism?  Learn how sociologists investigate racial & ethnic dynamics within our pluralistic society, over time, & across societies.

Strengthen your skills for promoting anti-racism!


SOC 216:730: Sex, Gender, & Sexuality          Instructor: Anna Wilcoxson

How & why have our societal views about human sexuality & gender identity changed so quickly in the last decade?  Learn how sociologists examine sex, gender, & sexuality over time & across societies.

Challenge gender inequality effectively!


SOC 315:730: Family & Society              Instructor: Inna Mirzoyan

How & why have family units varied over time & across cultures?  Learn how sociologists investigate humanity’s most fundamental institution.  Explain how economic, religious, cultural, and other factors influence family structure.

Support policies that strengthen families!


SOC 475:730: Health & Society       Instructor: Madeline Nash

How has COVID-19 influenced medicine & healthcare within the USA & around the world?  Learn how sociologists analyze the social causes of health & disease & the organizations & professions of our healthcare system.

Advocate for better public health!


ISS 210:734: Society & the Individual     Instructor: Jodi Yelinek

Explore the interactions of individuals, groups, & societies through the lens of cross-cultural communication.

Fulfill a university requirement!


ISS 310:732: People & the Environment  Instructor: Ben Marley

Examine interrelationships among food and energy systems, climate change, water issues, & the Green New Deal.

Fulfill a university requirement!


Second Session (July 6 – August 19)


SOC 100:731: Introduction to Sociology          Instructor: Lalaki Awudu

Investigate society through a scientific lens!  Gain knowledge and strengthen skills for answering important societal questions on such topics as the family, race, gender, the environment, migration, health, politics, inequality, etc.

Prepare to solve real-world social problems!


SOC 316:731: Youth & Society        Instructor: Kayleigh Ward

Where does “youth culture” come from & how has it changed over time?  Learn how sociologists examine youth-related phenomena such as subcultures, education, family issues, risk, & crime & deviance.

Mobilize the power of America’s youth!


SOC 412:731: Animals, People, & Nature       Instructor: Nate Poirier

How can humans better interact with wild, domesticated, & companion animals?  Learn how sociologists analyze human-animal interactions.  Examine environmental & animal ethics, pet-keeping, & industrial agriculture.

Support the welfare & well-being of animals!