Social Justice and Covid-19: A series of research published by Dr. Stacy Smith

December 17, 2020

Assistant Sociology Professor Dr. Stacy Smith has published three articles in what is some of the first Sociological work published on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In COVID-19 Volume I: Global pandemic, societal responses, ideological solutions:

Spotlighting Hidden Inequalities: Post-secondary education in a pandemic by Stacy L. Smith, Adam G. Sanford, Dinur Blum

In COVID-19 Volume II: Social consequences and cultural adaptations:

Seeking Stability in Unstable Times: COVID-19 and the bureaucratic mindset by Adam G. Sanford, Dinur Blum, Stacy L. Smith

Toxic Wild West Syndrome: Individual rights vs. community needs by Dinur Blum, Adam G. Sanford, Stacy L. Smith

The description of the volumes, both edited by Dr. J. Michael Ryan (Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan), reads: 

"The work presented here represents a remarkable diversity and quality of impassioned scholarship and is a timely and critical advance in knowledge related to the pandemic. This volume and its companion, COVID-19: Volume I: Global Pandemic, Societal Responses, Ideological Solutions, are the result of the collaboration of more than 50 of the leading social scientists from across five continents. The breadth and depth of the scholarship is matched only by the intellectual and global scope of the contributors themselves. The insights presented here have much to offer not just to an understanding of the ongoing world of COVID-19, but also to helping us (re-) build, and better shape, the world beyond."

 The books will be available Dec. 30.