New Student FAQ

New Student FAQ

What is an MSU Net ID?

MSU NetIDs provide access to the official MSU e-mail system and many other online services. You will use your NetID and password to enroll in courses, check your MSU e-mail, log into library services, and log into D2L (the online classroom platforms), among other services.

How do I get an MSU Net ID?

You will need your PID and PAN numbers to activate your MSU Net ID. These will come from the Office of Admissions. Go to to activate your MSU NetID with the PID and PAN numbers provided. If you need assistance with setting up your account, please contact the help desk for assistance at 800-500-1554 (toll free) or 517-355-2345 (local).

How do I find out what courses are being offered?

To obtain the course schedule information go to the Schedule of Courses. Select the semester and subject.

How do I find textbook information?

To obtain textbook information go to Schedule of Courses. Select the semester, subject, and course number, and then click on Search for Courses. Once you have found the course, click on the section number (usually 001) to view the textbook information. Once you have the ISBNs, you can order your books at a number of different websites: Spartan Bookstore, Amazon

How do I contact the Registrar's Office?

MSU Office of the Registrar

Phone: 517-355-3300

Who do I contact with questions about enrollment assistance or questions about graduation?

Graduate Secretary Jackie Leavitt


Phone: 517-353-1796

How do I find graduate student housing?

Click here to take you to the MSU housing page.

Graduate Assistant Stipends - Biweekly Pay

Graduate assistants are paid every other Friday on a biweekly payroll basis. Click here for payroll schedule.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Graduate Assistants may have their earnings directly deposited into a personal checking or savings account. Graduate Assistants should submit a direct deposit authorization through EBS:

1. Set up 2-factor identification to get into EBS.

· Directions:

2. Go to:

· My Time & Payroll

· Bank Information

NEED ASSISTANCE with Direct Deposit process, contact the Service Desk at or via phone at (517) 432-6200.

Questions about Direct Deposit contact the Payroll Office at or via phone at (517) 355-5010.

If you do not have Bank information listed, you have not signed up for direct deposit.

Electronic versions of earnings statements are available on the EBS portal portal.

Wages are NEVER applied directly to the tuition bill. Grad students must arrange to make a payment from their wages if they need and choose to do so.

For Student Refund Direct Deposits, go to STUINFO and select menu item “DIRECT DEPOSIT ENROLLMENT.”

Questions on Student Refund Direct Deposits, click here.

How do I sign up for health insurance?

With graduate assistantship, click here.

Without graduate assistantship, click here.

How do I get access to MSU Mail?

Goto a web browser and type in the following address, Ifyou have not set-up (activated) your account, click the link on the righthandside. You will need to know your PID and PAN to set it up.

To retrieve your PAN, click here.

How do I access StuInfo?

The URL for StuInfo is You will need your MSU ID and password to sign-in. StuInfomatches your ID with your record and allows you access according to your status.It is not possible to access other students' information.

How do I get a Student ID card?

In order to obtain a new or replacement ID, youmust bring government issued photo identification such as a validdriver's license, passport, state or federal ID, to the ID Office in 170 InternationalCenter (next to the food court). The ID Office is open Monday-Friday from8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ( For more information, click here to see the ID office Requirements page.

How do I get a Graduate Assistant MSU Parking Pass?

You can find out moreinformation about how to purchase a parking pass on the MSU Police website,click here.

How do I purchase a bus pass?

Click here for CATA bus routes.The CATA bus transportation system is frequently used by MSU students. You can find out more information on how to purchase a bus pass at the CATA website:

Click here for CATA bus routines.

Where can I get a bike?

Check out