Riva Denny

Riva Denny, PhD

Contact Email: rchdenny@msu.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Dissertation Title: A Cross Scale Examination of How Knowledge and the Physical Environment Influence the Use of Best Management Practices in US Commodity Agriculture

Dissertation Committee: Sandra Marquart-Pyatt (chair), Aaron McCright, Stephen Gasteyer, G. Philip Robertson, and Diana Stuart

denny.jpgI am a sociologist with interdisciplinary research interests in the environment, agriculture, food systems, development, human-environment systems, natural resources, and water policy. I use both qualitative and quantitative methods at multiple scales and specialize in using multi-equation regression techniques like multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling with latent variables (SEMLV), and longitudinal analysis. I work extensively with large secondary datasets, frequently drawing from multiple sources to create my own datasets. I also use survey and in-depth interview data. My research falls into two broad areas: Agriculture and the Environment, and Food Systems, Food Security and Development. I received my PhD in Sociology from Michigan State University in 2018, with specializations in Environmental Science and Policy, and Ecological Food and Farming Systems, and a certificate in Environmental and Social Systems Modeling. I am currently a Research Associate in the MSU Department of Sociology. In 2012 I completed my MS in Rural Sociology from Auburn University. My master's thesis investigated the differences between red meat inspection regulations at the state and federal levels and the implications that these differences have for small slaughterhouses and local meat production and distribution systems. I have a BA in Anthropology from Boston University.