College of Social Science Help Rooms

In the Social Science Help Rooms, students join a community of learners where they can receive free and unlimited tutorial assistance in select Social Science courses. The College offers a variety of support options for students including drop-in tutoring, appointments, and review sessions. Please check your course to see which options are available and select the ones that best meet your needs. All are free and available to any students enrolled in the courses. 

Spring 2018 Help Room Schedules for SOC 100:

  • Mondays- 4:00-4:45pm in 36 Union
  • Mondays- 6:00-9:00pm in 3rd Floor Library(West Wing)
  • Tuesdays- 6:00-6:45pm in G31 Hubbard

*Note: All Help Rooms will be closed on Univerisity Holidays and during Winter and Spring Breaks.

Social Science Scholars Program

If you are deeply interested in current issues and have a thirst for the kind of knowledge that will allow you to make a real and positive global difference, our world-class Social Science Scholars Program is right for you. As a Social Science Scholar, you will prepare for a wide variety of high-profile internships and careers in the public or private sectors and for advanced degree programs at the nation’s best universities, and you will graduate with the skills, experiences and maturity that will set you apart from the overwhelming majority of students from any campus.

Office Hours

If you need to meet with your professor for a class you are taking, we suggest you look at the instructors syallbus for their posted office hours. Additionally, you can contact them directly if their posted time does not match with your schedule.  Many of our Sociology professors conduct office hours in their personal offices, which are located on the fourth floor of Berkey Hall.  If you need help navigating the fourth floor, below is a map to find your professor's office.

4th floor berkey_Shop_16.jpg