Stephen Gasteyer


Stephen Gasteyer

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Email:    Phone: 517-355-3505
  • Office: 401B Berkey Hall

Degree: Iowa State University, 2001


Dr. Stephen P. Gasteyer is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University. His research focuses on community development, environmental justice, and the political ecology of landscape change, with specific attention food, energy, water, and public health. Recent research has addressed the food access and impacts urban greening in small US cities, alternative energy and community action, environmental equity in access to water and sanitation, and water governance.  Dr. Gasteyer was a 2015-16 Fulbright Scholar at Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestinian territories.  Dr. Gasteyer’s previous positions include: assistant professor of Human and Community Leadership Development at the University of Illinois (2005-2008); Research and Policy Director at the Rural Community Assistance Partnership in Washington, DC (2002-2005); research consultant on issues of global water governance (2001-2002); UNAIS project worker on Agroecosystem research at the Applied Research Institute Jerusalem, and the Palestine Institute for Arid Lands and Environmental Studies, Palestinian territories (1993-1996); Program Associate for the Committee on Sustainable Agriculture, World Resources Institute (1991-1993).  He was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali from 1987 through 1990. He received a BA from Earlham College in 1987, and a Ph.D. in Sociology from Iowa State University in 2001.  

Research Areas: Environment; Community and Urban
Selected Publications:


Flora, Cornelia B, Jan Flora, Stephen Gasteyer.  2016.   Rural Communities: Legacies and Change 5th Edition.  Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Pigg, K., S. Gasteyer, K. Martin, G. Apaliya, K. Keating.  2015.  Community Effects of Leadership Development Education: Citizen Empowerment for Civic Engagement. Morgantown, WV: University of West Virginia Press. 

Selected Articles

Gasteyer, SP, J. Lai, B. Tucker, J. Carrera, and J. Moss. 2016. BASICS INEQUALITY: Race and access to complete plumbing facilities in the united states. Du Bois Review-Social Science Research on Race 13 (2): 305-25.

Johansen, Rachel, Zachery Neal, Stephen Gasteyer.  2014.  The View from the Broken Window: How Residents Make Sense of Neighborhood Disorder in Flint.  Urban Studies DOI: 10.1177/0042098014552768.

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Pigg, K., S. Gasteyer, K. Martin, G. Apaliya, K. Keating*. 2013.  The Community Capitals Framework: An Empirical Examination of Internal Relationships.  Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society.  44(4): 492-502.

Gasteyer, S. and J. Carrera*.  2013. The Coal-Corn Divide: Place, Technology and Risk Perception in Rural Community Energy Development.  Rural Sociology 78(3): 290-317.  (Carrera, grad RA at Illinois)

Gasteyer, S., J. Isaac, J. Hillal, S. Walsh#, and K. Hodali.  2012.  Water grabbing in colonial perspective: Land and water in Israel/Palestine.  Water Alternatives 5(2): 450-468er, Stephen, and Jennifer Carrera, 2013. "The Coal-Corn Divide: Colliding Treadmills in Rural Community Energy Development". Rural Sociology 78(3): 290–317.

Butts+, R. and S. Gasteyer. 2011. More Cost per Drop: Water Rates, Structural Inequality, and Race in the United States—The Case of Michigan.  Environmental Practice 13(4): 386-395.  (Butts Grad RA at MSU)

Gasteyer, S. and T. Araj*.  2009.  Empowering Palestinian Community Water Management Capacity: Understanding the Intersection of Community Cultural, Political, Social and Natural Capitals.  Community Development: Journal of the Community Development Society, 40(2):163-184.

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