Soma Chaudhuri


Soma Chaudhuri

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Email:    Phone: 517-355-0874
  • Office: 433B Berkey Hall

Degree: Vanderbilt University, 2008


Dr. Chaudhuri's work spans three areas in sociology (development, gender and social movements), linked by her common interest on violence against women (VAW). Broadly her research explores how structural and institutional level gender inequalities further disadvantage women in the grassroots through the use of violence. Further, she is interested in understanding how non-governmental-organizations (NGO) that work towards reducing gender inequalities, mobilize community women against their own religious and cultural practices that create such inequalities in the first place. Previously, she has worked on a number of projects in United States and India, including on witchcraft accusations, domestic violence among south Asian immigrants, women’s movements on jury and property rights, SlutWalks, and movements against rape in India. Dr. Chaudhuri's current project explores how women participants in various empowerment programs, are able to strategize against domestic violence in grassroots communities.

Research Areas: Community and Urban; Family; Migration
Selected Publications:

2019      Jennifer Cobbina, Soma Chaudhuri, Michael Conteh and Victor Rios. “I will be out there everyday strong!” Repressive Tactics and Future Activism in Movements against Police Brutality. Sociological Forum Forthcoming

2019      Soma Chaudhuri and Merry Morash. Building Empowerment, Resisting Patriarchy: Understanding Intervention Against Domestic Violence Among Grassroots Women in Gujarat, India. Sociology of Development. Vol. 3(5) Forthcoming

2018      Chaudhuri Soma, Preethi Krishnan, and Mangala Subramanium. Mainstreaming Gender, Endangered, Ungendered? Analysis of Media Reports of the 2012 Case of Rape in India. Advances in Gender Research. Vol. 26: 25-40

2018      Chaudhuri, Soma. Changing the Patriarchal Narrative: Going Behind the Roots of Gender Based Violence. Contexts. Vol. 17 (2): 64-66


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