Daniel Menchik


Daniel Menchik

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Email: mench@msu.edu    Phone: 517-897-5933
  • Office: 433A Berkey Hall, W-26f Holmes Hall

Degree: University of Chicago, 2012


My work is oriented towards two areas, and the theoretical frameworks needed to understand them. The first is the organization and dynamics of expert authority. Here I have been particularly concerned with how academic physicians establish standards and how doctors make decisions about the knowledge they will use in everyday practice. The second area in which I am working involves methods for detecting temporally and geographically distant influences on ethnographic fieldsites. I have studied how scientists use and shift language to coordinate their email and in-person interactions, and how doctors’ everyday practices are tethered to those who pioneer new techniques in other venues. Among the key themes engaged in my research are knowledge, language, work, interaction, and status. My current project is a book manuscript on the relationship between medical knowledge and medical practices, and its link to the development, maintenance, and decay of authority.

Recently, I was honored to receive the 2017 MSU Teacher-Scholar Award, and the 2018 MSU Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor Award.  

Associated Programs: Lyman Briggs College
Research Areas: Health and Medicine
Selected Publications:

Menchik, D. (2017) “Tethered Venues: Discerning Distant Influences on a Field Site”  Sociological Methods and Research. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0049124117729695

Menchik, D. (2017) “Interdependent Career Types and Divergent Standpoints on the Use of Advanced Technology in Medicine” Journal of Health and Social Behavior

Tian, X., and D. Menchik. (2016) “On Violating One’s Own Privacy: N-adic Utterances and Inadvertent Disclosures in Online Venues” Studies in Media and Communications, 11: 3-31.

Menchik, D. (2014) “Decisions About Knowledge in Medical Practice: The Effect of Temporal Features of a Task.” American Journal of Sociology. 120 pp. 701-49.

Menchik, D., and L. Jin. (2014) “When Do Doctors Follow Patients' Orders? Organizational Mechanisms of Physician Influence.” Social Science Research. 48 pp. 171-184

Menchik, D. (2014) “Simmel's Dynamic Social Medicine: New Questions For Studying Medical Institutions?” Social Science & Medicine, 107 pp. 100-104.

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