Hui Liu

Hui  Liu
  • Professor and Graduate Program Director
  • Department of Sociology
  • PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 2008
  • 425B Berkey Hall
  • 509 E. Circle Drive
  • East Lansing, MI 48824
  • 517-353-3265


Hui Liu


Hui (Cathy) Liu is a Professor of Sociology and Director of the Family and Population Health (FPH) Laboratory at Michigan State University. Before joining MSU in 2008, she received her B.A. and M.A. in economics from Nankai University, China, her M.S. in Statistics, and Ph.D. in Sociology and Demography from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research is broadly guided by the aging and life course perspective to study social determinants of population health. Specifically, Dr. Liu has focused on using innovative quantitative methods to develop, test, and promote scientific understanding of marriage and family processes related to population health and well-being over the life course. Her interests in marriage also extend to other “marriage-like” intimate relationships such as LGBTQ relationships and partnered sexuality, and how they are linked to population health and well-being. Dr. Liu has received several prestigious national awards including an NIH Career Award (Mentored Research Scientist Development Award). Her research has been widely reported in prominent national and international news outlets including the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, USA Today, US News and World Report, TIME, ABC News, CBS News, Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, The Times of India, China Daily and Iran Daily. 


Dr. Liu has several ongoing research projects. Her current work includes: 1) marriage links to Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (funded by NIH R01, R03); 2) LGBTQ health at the population level; 3) sexuality of older couples; and 4) health consequences of racial differences in life course exposure to death (funded by NIH R01). Dr. Liu is accepting new Ph.D. students.

Dr. Liu is currently accepting new students in the Family and Population Health (FPH) Laboratory at MSU. Contact Dr. Liu for more information.


  • 2019- Faculty Affiliate, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan
  • 2018-19 Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology, University of Michigan



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