Linda Kalof

Linda   Kalof
  • Professor Emeritus
  • Department of Sociology
  • PhD, The American University, 1989
  • 6J Berkey Hall
  • 509 E. Circle Drive
  • East Lansing, MI, 48823
  • 517-355-6638


Linda Kalof


Linda Kalof is Professor of Sociology and founder of the Michigan State University’s interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Animal Studies: Humanities & Social Science Perspectives (  She studies the cultural representations of animals and the links between culture and nature. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation (Picturing Animals in National Geographic, Linda Kalof, Principal Investigator, NSF SES-1247824, $247,000).  She has published more than 60 articles and book chapters and 12 books, most recently The Animals Reader, Second Edition (2022) and The Oxford Handbook of Animal Studies (2017). 


Her research interests include the cultural representations of animals and the history of animal iconography.


  • Animal Studies
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Perspectives
  • Department of Community Sustainability


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