Nicole Lehpamer


Nicole Lehpamer

Research Areas: Gender ideology and inequality, marriage, mental and international health disparities, life course, stress, medicalization, and biodemography
Selected Publications:

De Vries, R. G., Tomlinson, T., Kim, H. M., Krenz, C. D., Ryan, K. A., Lehpamer, N., & Kim, S. Y. (2016). “The moral concerns of biobank donors: the effect of non-welfare interests on willingness to donate”  Life sciences, society and policy12(1): 1.

Tomlinson, T; DeVries, R; Ryan, K; Hyungin, M; Lehpamer, N; Kim, S. (2015). "Moral concerns and the willingness to donate to a research biobank." JAMA 313(4): 417-419.

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