Kayleigh Ward


Kayleigh Ward


Kayleigh Ward is a PhD student in Sociology with a specialization in Environment Science and Policy (ESPP) and International Development. She earned a BA in English literature/creative writing and Sociology with a minor in Asian Studies from the University of San Diego. Her research interests focus mainly on international development, transnational inequality, community sustainability and risk management especially in North-east Japan after the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake. She has several years of experience with NGOs in Japan and in the US. She currently collaborates with the NGOs in the following areas: community sustainability and redevelopment, economic empowerment, and community organizing. Currently, she has two different projects, (1) on-going ethnographic research in Minamisanriku examining resilience and (2) quantitative research examining the effects on Japanese’s level of trust in government regarding risk management post-2011.

Research Areas: South-east Asia, Community sustainability, Risk management, International development, Transnational inequality
Selected Publications:

Ward, K. 2016. Gounded: Tokyo Perspectives on Fukushima. NAAAS & Affiliates Monograph Series.

Associated Programs: Ortiz Global Academy for Aid (一般社団法人O.G.A. For Aid) and Women’s Eye (特定非営利活動法人ウィメンズアイ-WE)