Louise Jezierski


Louise Jezierski

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Email: jeziersk@msu.edu    Phone: 517-353-2967
  • Office: 358 North Case Hall

Degree: University of California, Berkeley


Dr. Louise A. Jezierski is an Associate Professor of Social Relations and Policy at James Madison College, Michigan State University. Her research includes revitalization of legacy cities, especially the cities of Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland, local and regional economic and community development, race relations and social inequality. Some recent projects include resident surveys on community building in Lansing, MI; Soccer, Networks and Community Building in Detroit, MI; Economic Development in Civic Park, Flint Michigan, Film Narratives of Detroit, “Race/Socioeconomic Area Characteristics & Cancer – Detroit” funded by the National Cancer Institute; and The Effect of State Legislation on Sub-Prime Lending. She teaches courses such as Social Theory, Metropolitan Societies – a course on Detroit, Global Cities and Urbanism, Social Policy, Social Movements, and Community Development and Civic Engagement in Lansing (and Flint). She was an MSU Lilly Teaching Fellow in 2000-2001. She received the MSU Alumni Club of Mid-Michigan Quality in Undergraduate Teaching Awards in recognition of outstanding undergraduate teaching, Michigan State University all-university award (2010). She also received an MSU Curricular Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Award (2010). She is affiliated faculty with MSU”s Institute For Public Policy And Social Research (IPPSR) and the Global Urban Studies Program (GUSP). She has served on dissertation committees for MSU’s departments of Sociology, Anthropology and Educational Policy. She received her BA at Boston University in Sociology and Geography and her MA and PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Associated Programs: Global Urban Studies Program, (GUSP) ;MSU Institute for Public Policy and Social Research (IPPSR); MSU MSU Extension Center for Local Government Finance and Policy; MSU Center for Community and Economic Development
Research Areas: Community and Urban
Selected Publications:

"“Partnerships in Pittsburgh: Civic Cultures and Organizational Capacities” chapter 4, pp.77-92 in Comparative Civic Culture: The Role of Local Culture in Urban Policy Making, edited by Laura Reese and Raymond Rosenfeld (2012) Ashgate Publishers, Burlington, VT. 

“The measurement of neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics and black and white residential segregation in metropolitan Detroit: implications for the study of social disparities in Health.” Joe T. Darden, Mohammad H. Rahbar, Louise Jezierski, Min Li, Ellen Velie. Annals of the Association of American Geographers (vol. 100, no. 1 January 2010, pp 137-158). 

“Concentrated Poverty, Race, and Mortgage Lending: Implications for Anti-Predatory Lending Legislation” Joe T. Darden and Louise Jezierski, Race Ethnicity and Place in a Changing America, edited by John Frazier and Eugene Tetty-Flo, Global Academic Publishers (2006). 

“Latino Community Development in Mid-Michigan Cities” (2002) in Urban Policy Choices for Michigan Leaders, Dozier W. Thornton and Carol S. Weissert, eds., Michigan State University Press: East Lansing, MI. pp. 37-52."