Welcome New Visiting Faculty Members to the Department!

This year the Sociology Department has three new faces.  Dr. Jean Boucher, Dr. Sarah Prior and Dr. Eric Beasley are the new visiting faculty members and are currently teaching some of Fall 2017’s classes.

Dr. Jean Boucher is currently teaching Developing Societies, Urban Sociology, and Sociological Theory.  He received his PhD from George Mason University, and was formerly a mechanical engineer.  His research areas include Environmental Sociology, Social Inequality, Clean Technology/Sustainability, Bourdeusian Theory, Climate Change - Attitudes, Behavior, and Sustainable Consumption.  Read his profile here:

Dr. Sarah Prior is currently teaching Social Psychology this fall.  She received her PhD from Arizona State University and has previously taught for the Center for Gender and Global Context at MSU.  Her research areas are Gendered Violence, Critical Youth Studies, Intersectionality, and Gender and Sexuality.  Red her profile here:

Dr. Eric Beasley is currently teaching Political Sociology and Urban Sociology.  He received his PhD from Michigan State University and was a student in the Department’s Graduate Program.  His research areas include Perceptions and Misperceptions of the Social World, Attitudes and Behavior, Social Norms, Law, Academic Integrity, Deviance, Teaching, and Learning.  Read his profile here: