Dr. stef shuster Awarded MSU HARP Grant

Dr. stef shuster has been awarded a Michigan State University Humanities and Arts Research Program (HARP) grant from the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation.

The grant will be utilized in the completion of their manuscript, Treating Gender: Transgender Medicine and Uncertain Expertise, which explores how providers of trans medicine make decisions within vast uncertainty and addresses lasting concerns in the social study of medicine. Providers of trans medicine, shuster demonstrates, are actively involved in constructing “evidence” to make decisions. However, the catch is that most of this evidence is based on norms surrounding gender (e.g. the expectation for trans women to be hyper feminine) rather than data-driven knowledge from clinical trials. Why do providers go to such efforts to say that they use evidence when almost none exists? shuster shows how using the language of evidence helps preserve their medical authority in this ill-defined area of medicine.

“This grant allows me the opportunity to allocate more time to complete my manuscript while furthering my continued development within the field. Integrating the theoretical aspects of the humanities while utilizing empirical evidence in the social sciences continues to be a central theme of this manuscript and my research.”