The Sociology Department encourages graduate students to interact with other graduate students and professionals by attending many various Sociology conferences hosted in the US and around the globe. We show our support by giving out travel fellowships to students who have been selected to present their papers at said conferences. To supplement your SOC GOF Travel Funding, please look at the following instructions on how to apply for Graduate School travel funding and what is required. Any questions should be directed to Graduate Office.

  • If you are traveling to present at a conference you need to fill out a Graduate School travel funding request form. You must include a budget, short description of the conference, and why you need to attend, and the email or letter of recommendation from the conference organizers stating that you have been chosen to present.

  • When making up your budget,  include what the bare minimum would be for airfare/mileage and hotel. You may also include parking, tolls, mileage to and from airport/Michigan Flyer/taxis, meals per diem (look up city and then the breakdown), conference fees, etc. 

  • If you are awarded funding, it will be in the form of a fellowship, deposited into your student account. This can take up to 2 weeks from the date that the form is submitted (not the date the request is submitted). If you have any outstanding balance on this account (tuition, fees) the travel money will go to cover that first.

  • Before your paperwork is submitted for the funds to be deposited you need to completely fill out the Travel Authorization Form (including the address of where you are staying). Email or turn in the form to Debbie Jesswein at before your travel begins.

  • If you are traveling internationally, your form will be routed to International Studies who usually gives $200-$400 per trip. This will be reimbursed so you will need to give a receipt that is equal to or more than what ISP gave you to the Graduate Secretary once you RETURN from your trip.

  • We give award funding on a first come first serve basis. Our travel  funding needs to be spend by mid-March, so the sooner you submit your request to the Graduate Office, the better chance you have to receive funding.

  • It is possible to get funding for multiple conferences, so just apply. More than likely you will receive a little bit to go towards your travel.

  • The form is routed through the Department, the College, and then the Graduate School.  All of these places are likely to give a little support to help you fund your conference.  You are encouraged to ask your advisor as well as other departments on campus for travel funding (Gen Cen, Asian Studies Centers, COGS, etc.) The Grad School awards up to $600 of Travel Funding over the course of a student's graduate student career at MSU. The College and Department doesn't set a limit to how much travel funding per student.

Even if you aren't awarded travel or don't apply, you need to fill out a Travel Authorization Form whenever you leave East Lansing for MSU related business!