DEI Lecture by Dr. Joya Misra

Fri, October 28, 2022 at Zoom

Joya MisraProfessor Joya Misra (Sociology, UMASS Amherst) will give a zoom talk on: “‘I don't believe that I have been wanted”: BIPOC Faculty Experiences of Overinclusion and Exclusion 


Abstract: This paper explores the specific context-dependent mechanisms of racial and gender privilege among university faculty. Interviews with 62 faculty members who share the same rank and department context but differ by race and gender provide insights on how race and gender condition faculty experiences. The researchers find that gendered racism shows up in three ways in academic contexts: “over-inclusion,” active exclusion, and passive exclusion. Over-inclusion includes the reliance of the university on BIPOC women faculty’s labor given the university’s “diversity mantra.” Active exclusion involves the devaluation of BIPOC faculty’s research, teaching and service, and a lack of access to resources and positions. Passive exclusion reflects how BIPOC women and men are left out of collaborations, mentoring, and decision-making relative to white colleagues. Moving beyond rhetoric to disrupting racism in the academy requires addressing over-inclusion, and both active and passive exclusions, as well as recognizing the differences in experiences of BIPOC women and men.