Vanessa Rickenbrode

Vanessa   Rickenbrode
  • Graduate Student
  • Department of Sociology
  • MA, Sociology, Michigan State University, 2019
  • BS, The Pennsylvania State University, 2015
  • Berkey Hall, Room 8
  • 509 E. Circle Drive
  • East Lansing, MI 48824


Vanessa Rickenbrode


Vanessa Rickenbrode is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology, with a specialization in Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change. She is interested in understanding and evaluating development initiatives and agrifood system changes in their potential for securing or impeding social justice, gender empowerment and food security. Past and current research projects include evaluating the empowerment potential of contract farming in Tanzanian floriculture, and interdisciplinary research centered around issues of agricultural and economic development in Kenya. Prior to coming to MSU, Vanessa was involved in a number of research projects under the direction of agricultural economists at the Center for Economic and Community Development (CECD) at Penn State, and Kansas State’s Center for Sustainable Bioenergy. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a B.S. in Community, Environment and Development, with a concentration in International Development and a specialization in Biostatistics; along with minors in International Agriculture, and Biology.


  • Gender, Justice, and Environmental Change (GJEC)


Bergtold, Jason S., Marcellus Caldas, Ana Claudia Sant’Anna, Gabriel Granco and Vanessa Rickenbrode. 2017. "Indirect Land Use Change from Ethanol Production: The Case of Sugarcane Cane Expansion at the Farm Level on the Brazilian Cerrado." Journal of Land Use Science 12 (6): 442-456.