AART 25th Anniversary Symposium


African Atlantic Research Team


Dr. Jualynne Dodson

Director Dr. Jualynne Dodson

Dr. Jualynne Dodson is a Professor of Sociology at Michigan State University. Amid her accomplishments, Dodson is exceptionally proud of organizing the African Atlantic Research Team (AART) and guiding undergraduate and graduate students, as well as community members, through some 25 years of exciting, critical forward thinking, challenging academic research, teaching, and writing.  More than a dozen persons of color have completed post-graduate higher education, including terminal Masters Degrees and Ph.Ds.  Team members also have earned such awards in academic excellence as Cum Laude diplomas, Phi Beta Kappa membership, Marshall Fellowship for two years of study in Great Britain, and ‘Deans List’ graduation.  Significantly, African American men are well represented in ARRT’s statistic of zero percent attrition rate, 0% with only one student of more than thirty Team members did not complete the Bachelor’s degree.  The Team’s accomplishments are exceptional and not proportionately achieved in most U.S. colleges and universities.


For more information on AART, please visit their page at AART Research Centers Page.