Undergraduate Advising

Advising for the successful completion of your degree is available for all students. The undergraduate advising office is located in 317C Berkey Hall. 

What to Expect at your Advising Appointment:

  • Please come with specific questions for your adviser
  • Adviser can help with the following:
    • Scheduling courses
    • Semester planning for college career
    • Setting up internships (please have a few places you are interested in interning for)
    • Potential overrides into Sociology Courses
    • Help with transfer/study abroad/independent study credits
    • Readmission/probation/advice/paperwork
    • Other things advisor can help you find resources for:
      • If you are struggling in courses
      • If you are looking for graduate schools
      • If something in your outside life is affecting school
      • If you are exploring different careers/what to do with degree
      • If  you have a question and don't know where to go, your adviser can help you