Undergraduate Student Katrina Groeller Presents Her Project at the North Central Sociological Association Conference

Katrina Groeller, an undergraduate student senior with a major in Sociology, has been accepted to present at the North Central Sociological Association Conference in Indianapolis on April 1st 2017. Her presentation is entitled “Coffee & Student Interaction: A Visual Study of Space”, created from a project she did for a Visual Sociology class she took in Fall 2016. 

The abstract for her presentation is as follows: "A qualitative and photographic study of five popular coffee destinations in Lansing and East Lansing, MI, for an upper-level Sociology course at Michigan State University. Using a visual ethnographic approach, 20 hours of participatory observation fieldwork over the course of a semester led to a final project with a micro perspective. Major social themes such as space, norms, face-to-face interaction, and food culture are explored. Race, class, ability, age, and capitalism as social processes and issues are outlined over the course of the study. Interviews with employees and customers exist as qualitative data, and photography aids in depicting major social themes in alignment with visual sociology."

She is also an Undergraduate Learning Assistant, on the Executive Board for the Undergraduate Sociological Association, and a Bus Core for Students Today Leaders Forever at MSU. She is in the process of applying for the MSU College Advising Corps, and after graduation, will be taking the GRE and applying for PhD programs in sociology with entrance for Fall 2018.