Staff Spotlight Debbie Jesswein

Debbie Jesswein, a staff member in Sociology, enjoys her job and works hard to support both faculty and students in the department. Her job here was a very late in life career change and a far cry from her degree in English and journalism.  When HR called looking for someone to temporarily “fill in”, she thought the job would only last a few weeks.  It’s now going on close to seven years!  Most of her jobs have centered around education, starting with her first one in which she worked for the principal of her high school before heading off to college.

Debbie grew up in Livonia, MI but considers herself a true Spartan, as both she and her spouse, along with their three children, are all MSU alums.  She was even married in the chapel on campus and never strayed too far from her roots here in the mid-Michigan area. Outside of work, Debbie enjoys gardening, home improvement projects, reading and the occasional road trip. Her latest book recommendation to other avid readers out there – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil –which centers around a murder trial in Savannah and was eventually made into a movie.  One of her favorite memories as a student at MSU was Friday mornings in Professor Nye’s Early 20th Century American Lit class.  He would ask the class to vote on Mondays as to what the lecture topic should be on Fridays.  “I never missed those Fridays.  It might be a topic on fashion, social mores, political climate…it ran the gamut.  He was such a great lecturer that you felt as if you were imported back to that particular time period.”   Debbie’s advice to students is to not get discouraged, use your time wisely, and enjoy your college experience; those are the times you’ll look back on fondly and remember the most.  So this quick overview gives you a brief peek into one of our staff members that works behind the scenes to move things along here in Sociology.  If you haven’t met Debbie yet, go in and introduce yourself sometime!