Read about Lawerence Busch Interview with New Humanist

Dr. Lawrence Busch is one of many professors of sociology at Michigan State University. He recently published a new book on the neoliberal takeover of higher education, Knowledge for Sale. In an article published in New Humanist he explains some of his arguments.

He discusses such topics as when did neoliberal thinking find its way into universities. Which he states there was not a single path or event that marked the rise of neoliberalism. The ideas did however influence governments who were strapped with cash, making it easy to replace faculty with part-time faculty who they could pay poorly and dismiss early.

Neoliberals does vary in high education around the world. All around the world from the states to France and Germany all have their differences. But all have redefined higher education as preparation for jobs rather than preparation of informed citizens. Nearly all universities though inflict competition in some way. Someone who sets the rules, rule enforcer, someone to rank students, faculty members, departments, and institutions.

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