Interim Chair Dean Rehberger Featured in October's Edition of MSU's Engaged Scholar Magazine

The Sociology Department's Interim Chair, Dean Rehberger, was featured in the October Edition of MSU's Engaged Scholar Magazine.

Along with Peter I. Berg and Helen Veit, Rehberger has been working on a project titled 'What America Ate: Preserving America's Culinary History from the Great Depression'.  This project is a digital archive of eating habits in the Great Depression, created from 'America Eats', a job creation program in the 1930s.  The archive also includes 200 rare community cookbooks. 

Rehberger is involved in the development of the project's interface and infrastructure with the help of the MATRIX team at Michigan State University.  MATRIX and Rehberger were able to create a user-friendly archive that even allows the general public to contribute to the project.

The project will officially launch in Spring 2017.  For more information about Rehberger's involvement in the project, please visit the Engaged Scholar Website