Graduate Student Shannon Shen Receives a Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Congratulations to Shannon Shen on receiving the Dissertation Completion Fellowship (DCF) for the Spring 2018 semester.

Her dissertation is a nationally representative investigation of how the sex lives of the Baby Boomer population are related to their burden of chronic disease. She examines how men’s and women’s multimorbidity is associated with their sexual frequency and sexual dysfunction, how marital quality can protect this relationship, and how the disease status of a husband or wife is related to their partner’s sexual satisfaction. Thus far, her work identifies a robust pattern of gendered sexuality in later life as it relates to chronic disease burden while informing sociologists of the ways in which health and relationship dynamics may inhibit or encourage sexuality among older adults.

The DCF award gives me the time Shen needs to focus on finishing her dissertation without worrying about any research or teaching duties. Additionally, DCF applicants are required to submit a work plan. This condition made Shen organize her final semester around the deadlines she needs to meet to complete her project. Because the DCF is given to candidates who intend to defend their dissertation during the awarded semester, this is a push to adhere to her timeline and defend next Spring.