Graduate Student Christian Ramirez Presents His Research in Spain

Christian Valentin Ramirez recently presented his pre-dissertation research at the 9th Biennial Association For The Study Of The World Wide African Diaspora in Seville, Spain.

The conference took place at La Universidad Pablo De Olavide where Mr. Ramirez presented his paper titled, “Spanish and African Migration, Modernity, and Mestizajé in Colonial Mexico.” His research examines the origins of colonial Mexico’s migrant communities from both Spain and Africa. Specifically, Spanish Andalusians and Angolans were among the first to have sustained cultural contact with the Indigenous peoples on the gulf coast of current day Veracruz. Furthermore, the paper disaggregates 16th century Iberian and West African ethnicities as a first step towards clarifying long-held assumptions about the Mexican concept of mestizaje. The overarching goal of his pre-dissertation work is to disentangle the various subjectivities and cultural situations that emerge in colonial Mexico and their lasting implications for Mexican and Chicanx people in the contemporary world.

Here are some picture below from his experience: