Emeritus Professor Larry Busch Featured in New York Times

Congratulations to Dr. Larry Busch for his feature in the article entitled “The Content of their Characters” by Michael Erard from the New York Times.

In Erard’s article published on October 22nd, 2017 he discusses the importance of Unicode standard, an international standard for text data.  The Unicode standard includes hundreds of scripts and different writing systems.  With the finding of a new language by Anshuman Pandey from Asia, the need to include the language in the standard is very important.  Creating a standard is essential and a “recipe for reality” as stated by Dr. Busch.  He also stated that the standard was highly effective in that “if standards work, they’re invisible and can be ignored by the public”. Unicode has become a norm for software and device manufacturers globally, and has been implemented in many technologies such as the computer’s operating system.  Not only is Unicode important for traditional languages, it is also used for pictures and images as emojis were added in 2010.  Unicode was able to read the emojis and allow translation of the pictures onto the internet.  The standard is always evolving to incorporate new additions to help make the standard as efficient and inclusive as possible.

You can read the entire article here