Dr. Tom Dietz Presents at the 2017 Mitchell Lecture on Sustainability

Congratulations to Dr. Tom Dietz for his presentation at the 2017 Mitchell Lecture on Sustainability at the University of Maine. 

Dr. Dietz was the keynote speaker at the event speaking on emerging technologies within sustainability.  His lecture addresses the issue of improving human well-being while also protecting the environment. Navigating obstacles presented by individuals, organizations, and government present problems in implementing environmental change.  However, research on decision making will help with these processes.  Watch a video of the lecture here:

Dr. Dietz has also released two new publications:

Dietz, Thomas. 2017. "Human Drivers of Environmental Change." Annual Review of Environment and Resources 42:189-213.

Elliott, Kevin C., Aaron M. McCright, Summer Allen and Thomas Dietz. 2017. "Values in Environmental Research: Citizens’ Views of Scientists Who Acknowledge Values." PLoS One 12(10):e0186049. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0186049.