Dr. Steve Gold Cited in the New York Times

Congratulations to Dr. Steve Gold for being cited in a New York Times article on President Trump's newest immigration proposal.

On February 1st, Dr. Steve Gold was cited in the opinion column by Thomas B. Edsall titled “Trump has got Democrats Right Where He Wants Them”.  The article is about President Trump’s immigration proposal, concerning Dreamers. Dreamers are people who are protected under the DACA program which allows people brought to the US illegally as children the temporary right to live, study and work in America. 

The article explores elements of Trumps proposal and takes various stances by those knowledgeable about the program. Dr. Steve Gold’s excerpt goes as follows: “Many Democrats fear that extensive investments and political posturing made on behalf of immigrants will be regarded as of little value to a large swath of independent voters whose support Democrats need to increase their representation in Congress.” Read the rest of the article and Dr. Gold’s thoughts here: