Dr. John Girdwood Receives Award for Work on Childhood Dental Disease

Dr. John Girdwood, a recent graduate of the Department of Sociology’s Doctoral Program, received an award for his research on reducing childhood dental disease. 

Girdwood currently works for the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry as a program manager, and teaches for Wayne State University.  Through the Michigan Caries Prevention Program, Girdwood was able to be involved in a program whose initiative is to improve oral health in children.  His research includes oral health risk assessment, fluoride varnish application, patient education, and referral to a dental home.  Later this month, he will be presenting his research titled “Program Fidelity of a Statewide Medical Center-Dental Initiative to Improve Oral Health Care” at the American Academy of Pediatrics Conference in San Francisco.  Congratulations to Dr. John Girdwood for your work in improving our society!

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