Brendan Mullan delivers 2016 NCSA Presidential Address in Chicago

In his presidential address on “The Sociology of Inequality: Race, Space, and Place in Detroit,” delivered at the combined meetings of the North Central Sociological Association and the Midwest Sociological Society in Chicago on March 24, 2016, the North Central Sociological Association President, Dr. Brendan Mullan explored, described, and explained how sociologists’ conventional approaches to understanding inequality and poverty do not adequately capture the causes, extent, and consequences of new forms of inequality that have emerged in the very late twentieth and very early twenty-first centuries.

Following a critique of conventional sociological theorizing on inequality and stratification, a synthesis of new sociological/social psychology thinking on inequality, and using case study data from Detroit, Professor Mullan coined a new term – “neo-inequality” – to theorize how neoliberal ideology, neo-liberal systems of governance, and neoliberal policies have exacerbated new forms of inequality. For a more complete description of Mullan’s NCSA presidential address, you can download the NCSA Spring 2016 newsletter here