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Are More Christians Becoming More ‘Green’?

Are More Christians Becoming More ‘Green’?

July 24, 2013

Despite the wide-held perception that Christians have become more concerned about the environment, new research finds that so-called "greening of Christianity" is not evident among the religious rank-and-file according to a study conducted by Aaron McCright and co-authors John M. Clements and Chenyang Xiao.

Diana Stuart leads project on reducing nitrogen pollution

June 6, 2013

A team of MSU's professors and scientists will start working on a project to find ways that could help reduce farm pollution starting in July.

Dietz, McCright, Leshko receive press from MSU’s Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability

May 28, 2013

An article titled "The politics of saving energy vs. saving the planet" discusses a study by Drs. Tom Dietz and Aaron McCright and graduate student Christina Leshko that shows there’s a difference between supporting energy-efficient policy and energy-efficient products, saying that both are affected by politics.

Aaron McCright receives Sociology Quarterly distinguished contribution to scholarship award

Aaron McCright receives Sociology Quarterly distinguished contribution to scholarship award

May 28, 2013

McCright, along with Dr. Riley E. Dunlap, received this distinguised award that is presented every two years at the Midwest Sociological Society conference.

Faculty Conversations: Dr. Steve Gold

May 6, 2013

During his 19 years at MSU, Steven Gold never lost interest in his research focus: "small, ethnic businesses" as a means for immigrants to support their families and to “make their communities interesting.”

McCright and the politics of climate change

McCright and the politics of climate change

May 2, 2013

Aaron McCright, along with co-authors Riley Dunlap of Oklahoma State University and Chenyang Xiao of American University, completed a study in the journal of Climate Change examining the influence of political orientation on perceived scientific agreement on climate change.

Interview with MSU Sociology Alumni Michael Mascaranas

April 30, 2013

Dr. Michael Mascaranas gives a live interview on his book, "Where the Waters Divide", and global social movements on Latin Waves Grass Roots Media, an internationally syndicated radio program, which features the voices of Noam Chomsky, Derrick Jensen, Vandana Shiva, Silvia Federici and others who are working to create a society based on justice (racial, gender, ecological and cultural) and principles of fairness and equality.

Listen to the interview.

Chaudhuri and Dimitrova - Outstanding ISS Instructors for 2011-2012

April 30, 2013

Dr. Soma Chaudhuri and Svetla Dimitrova were named Outstanding ISS Instructors for 2011-12. They are featured on the ISS webpage.

Undergraduate Sociology Association (USA) attended Michigan Sociological Association (MSA) Conf.

March 29, 2013

This past October, the USA traveled to Calvin College for a conference of the Michigan Sociological Association (MSA). One member, Amy Nezamzadeh, presented a paper she wrote entitled Food Insecurity Among Refugees in America.


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