Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Summer Allen

Allen, Summer, Thomas Dietz, and Aaron M. McCright. 2015. “Measuring Household Energy Efficiency Actions with Attention to Behavioral Plasticity in the United States.” Energy Research and Social Science 10: 133-240.

Jessica Bell

Kalof, Linda, Joe Zammit-Lucia, Jessica Bell, and Gina Granter. 2016. “Fostering Kinship with Animals: Animal Portraiture in Humane Education.” Environmental Education Research 22(2): 203-228.

Meghan Charters

McCright, Aaron, Meghan Charters, Katherine Dentzman, and Thomas
Dietz. (2015). “Examining the Effectiveness of Climate Change Frames in the Face of a Climate Change Denial Counter-Frame.” Topics in Cognitive Science 1-22.

Riva Denny

Denny, Riva, Michelle Worosz, and Norbert Wilson. 2016. “The Importance of Governance Levels in Alternative Food Networks: The Case of Red Meat Inspection Rules.Rural Sociology

Lori Hale

Hale, L. 2016. "Less Altruism, More Racism: The Relationship between Positive Deviance and Racial Bias." Race, Gender & Class Journal 23: 1-2.

Hale, L. 2016. “Review of $2.00 A Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America.” Race, Gender & Class Journal 23: 1-2.

Hale, L. 2015. “Review of Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis."
Race, Gender & Class Journal 22: 3-4.

Hale, L. 2015. "Review of Between Good and Ghetto: African American
Girls and Inner-City Violence." Race, Gender & Class Journal 22: 3-4.

Khalfani Herman

Wright, Willie J., and Cameron ‘Khalfani’ Herman. Forthcoming, 2017. “No ‘Blank Canvas’: Public Art and Gentrification in Houston’s Third Ward.” City & Society.

Jeny Lai

Gasteyer, Stephen, Jennifer Lai, Brittany Tucker, and Jennifer Carrera. 2016. "Basics Inequality: Race and Access to Complete Plumbing Facilities in the USA." The DuBois Review 12(2).

Kelly Maginot

Maginot, Kelly Birch, and Soma Chaudhuri. 2015. “‘There’s No Shaming This Slut’: Strategic Frame Adaptation and North American SlutWalk Campaigns.” Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change 38:137-170.

Shannon Shen

Shen, Shannon, and Hiu Liu. 2015. “Wives, Husbands, and Lovers: Marriage and Sexuality in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Urban China by Deborah S. Davis and Sara L. Friedman-Book Review.” International Journal of Sociology of the Family 41(1): 60-62.

Mark Suchyta

Suchyta, Mark. 2015. “Review of Alasdair Cochrane’s Animal Rights Without Liberation: Applied Ethics and Human Obligations.” Between the Species 18(1):102-106.

Glenna, Leland, and Mark Suchyta. 2016. Measuring Agricultural Changes Related to Marcellus Shale Development. Harrisburg, PA: The Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

Monnat, Shannon M., and Mark Suchyta. 2016. Population Health, Health Care Access, and Health Care Utilization within the Context of Marcellus Shale Development. Harrisburg, PA: The Center for Rural Pennsylvania.

Stephen Vrla

Vrla, S. 2015. "Something to see here: Looking at road-killing and road-killed animals. In D. Moorehead (Ed.), Animals in human society: Amazing creatures who share our planet" (pp. 147–166). Lanham, MD: University Press of America.