Leadership and Awards

Leadership and Awards

Several awards are available to graduate students in MSU's Department of Sociology, and are awarded in the Spring semester of each year.

Graduate Student Collective

The Graduate Student Collective fosters professional development, program progress, sociological interests and general support among MSU Sociology Department graduate students.

Student activities include but are not limited to regular meetings, planning the fall & spring semester department picnics, attending the department faculty/staff meetings, planning brown bag seminars, representing students in new faculty recruitment, sharing conference/research resources, practicing presentations and attending the American Sociological Association regional and national conferences, as well as representing other graduate student organization interests related to:

  • Graduate Employees Union,
  • Sociologists for Women in Society, and
  • Section of Latino Sociology/Society for Latino Scholars.

The Graduate Student Collective also maintains a listserv for all MSU Sociology graduate students.

Graduate Employees Union

The Graduate Employees Union (GEU) is a labor union serving graduate employees. The Union aims to make the Michigan State University community a better place in which graduate students can afford to work and study. For more information on the services the GEU provides for graduate employees, contact the GEU Department Steward, Jennifer Lai, at laijenni@msu.edu.

Council of Graduate Students

The Council of Graduate Students is an authorized student government on campus representing graduate/professional students at various levels across Michigan State University. Its mission is to improve and advance graduate education in order to ensure the vitality of intellectual discovery.


Alpha Kappa Delta Honors Society Members

Alpha Kappa Delta, a non-secret, democratic, international society of scholars dedicated to the ideal of Athropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein or “to investigate humanity for the purpose of service.” AKD seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in scholarship in the study of sociology, the research of social improvement of the human condition. More than 50,000 lifetime members are affiliated with more than 500 chapters of the Society. These are persons with academic records showing excellence in sociology.

The 2016 inductees were Katrina Groeller, Praveena Lakshmanan, and Moushumi Choudhury.

Animal Studies Specialization Fellowship Award

Awarded for completing all of the requirements for the Animal Studies Graduate Specialization. Administered by the Department of Sociology, this specialization provides graduate students with basic knowledge of relationships between humans and other animals and how they are linked together in a fragile biosphere.

The 2016 recipient was Amy Shelle.

Jay Artis Endowment Fund for Graduate Study in Sociology

The Jay Artis Endowment is for “advanced candidacy (proposal approved)” graduate students who are doing research in the area of International Development. Students must submit a proposal and budget for support in the area of Sociology of International Development, and are also required to submit a letter from their dissertation chairperson endorsing their application.

Award Amount: $3,000.00

Materials should be submitted to Roseann Bills at marshro3@msu.edu.  All materials must be received by Friday, April 14, 2017.

John L. McAdoo Dissertation Award

This award is a tribute honoring the scholarship and leadership of John Lewis McAdoo, who was a professor of Family and Child Ecology at Michigan State university and a founding member of the NCFR Ethnic Minorities Section. The purpose of the award is to provide support for the completion of an approved graduate research with a focus on issues related to families of color.

Award Amount: $500-1000.00.

Eligibility: Must be a doctoral student with approved research regarding families of color. 

How to apply: Submit an up-to-date vita; statement of professional plans; one letter of recommendation (written by a person familiar with your academic progress); and specific topic area of research-committee approval date.  Criteria for selection is based on professional goals, student status, class level, and academic achievement. 

Contact  Roseann Bills at marshro3@msu.edu for further information.