Graduate Forms

  • Annual Progress Report for PhD Students - Fill out the annual progress report form and include CV. CV should include papers published or submitted, presentations at professional conferences, participation on funded grants, and participation in undergraduate education. After discussing the report and gaining the signature of their advisor, please send the form to Roseann Bills when complete.

  • Dissertation Proposal Approval Form - Students will need the signatures of each of their committee members. After gaining signatures, please send to Roseann Bills when complete.

  • Independent Study Application - Students will need the signatures of the course instructor and their academic advisor. Please send the form to Roseann Bills when complete.

  • Intent to Graduate - When planning to graduate, student will fill out this form. Please send to Roseann Bills when complete.

  • Permission to take Comprehensive Exam - In order to fill out this form, student must be in good academic standing. Student must have also met and approved the statement and reading list for the comprehensive exam with their guidance committee. The guidance committee will also need to sign this form. Students must be enrolled in the semester they start their comprehensive exams. Please return the form to Roseann Bills when complete.


  • Link to GradPlan. GradPlan is required for PhD students and allows students to create and store their PhD Degree Plans.

Graduate Application

  • Link to the Registar's Office to apply for graduation

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