Graduate Handbook

Graduate Handbook

Our most current graduate handbook details all information related to a graduate students' studies.  It includes a overview of program requirements, specific program requirements, how to form a guidance committee, details on comprehensive exams, suggestions for the dissertation, and much more.

Below is an interactive yearly step-by-step guide to the graduate program, that details many of the graduate handbook guidelines.

To gain further detail, read the graduate handbook here.


  • Participate in a teaching assistant workshop
  • Participate in SOC Professional Development Workshop Series
  • Take classes


  • Take 3 credits of classes in either SOC 985, SOC 986, SOC 883, SOC 884 or SOC 989.
  • Qualifying Paper and Presentation
  • Soc Professional Development Workshop Series



  • SOC Professional Development Workshop Series




  • Comprehensive Exam





  • Dissertation Proposal Defense





  • Dissertation Oral Defense